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Zone Games!

Over the last month and a half, Crossfit Zone has been running our own in-house CrossFit team series competition.  We took most of the workouts posted in the team series, adapted a few and battled it out over 3 separate weekends.  The last weekend saw a few extra workouts thrown in as we also ran our fall Zone Games concurrently.  Everyone fought hard with all teams, scaled and RX battling it out for glory.  In the end, the mighty team of Oscar, Nella, Chad and Lisa took home victory in both the overall competition and the one day, winner take all, Zone Games.  The story of their battles will be talked about for a millennia……. Congratulations to all those who fought hard.  It was a ton of fun and a really great way to include so many people in a competition.  Next Zone games will be an individual affair, sometime in the spring/summer…..I'm already coming up with some great ideas  ;)   Sean