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Zone Adventures

We are starting something fun and new at the box called Zone Adventures! Zone Adventures is a family outing into the community doing fun things fitness and non-fitness related.  Sound like fun?  We will be working as a family to come up with the great ideas and plan the events together.  Each month, a member will nominate themselves and come up with a fun activity.  We would like to open this up to friends and family to help build up our community and share the fun adventures! Mike Read has nominated himself to plan a trip to Adrenaline Zipline Adventure tour on Sunday, September 27th at 1pm. We would need confirmation and payment by September 19th of all attendees to reserve a group.  With a group of 10 or more, the rate is $76 (reg $80) and $60 for youths.  This is a two hour tour with various zipline lengths. For more information, please check out There will be a sign up sheet on the community board in the gym.   Who's interested?  Post to the comments :) October Zone Adventure will be put on my Charlotte and it is Halloween/Thanksgiving related activity.  Stay tuned f0r more details! Who would like to organize November? Please contact Deanna