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Youth Strength and Fitness Zone

Youth Strength and Fitness Zone

A holistic fitness program for young teens that provides space for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. We'll have weekly check-ins before the workouts and I'll work with each of the youth to design specific goals for training and fitness - it is play, movement, and strength-based. Also, it is AWESOME.

A fun way to challenge kids! This summer camp focuses on developing outdoor skills, leadership, youth voice, and movement through play. We will explore our abilities in both the gym and outdoors, on day-long, youth-led hikes, lake-swimming, beach
obstacle courses, and more! This is a chance for youth to work in teams, developfriendships and find ways to connect to their bodies through the power of play and physical challenge.Some folks thrive in sports-related camps while others find it intimidating and uncomfortable. This camp is a space where all bodies/abilities/folks are welcome and
we will grow together as a community to challenge and support one another.

When: July 9th - July 13th

Where: 708 Pembroke St.

Cost: $125 (please be in contact regarding costs if there are accessibility issues
and we will do our best to accommodate you)

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