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Why changing your diet is so difficult - Part 2

Here are the second two parts to Emily Beer's post about nutrition. 3. Precision Nutrition Precision Nutrition's idea of changing one habit at time really resonates with us. Check out their website here: The idea here is not to overwhelm a person with grandiose and sudden changes in their lives; instead, long-term success comes from focusing on changing one small habit at a time. Precision Nutrition offers a 12-month personal nutrition and exercise coaching program—habit-based coaching—that focuses on LESS TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE MORE. In a nutshell, the change they suggest looks like this: 1. Choose one habit/task per month (It could be something like not letting yourself drink alcohol during the week, or not letting yourself have seconds at dinner). It's important to choose an easy goal at the start, and it's important the goal is measurable. 2. Write down your plan, which will clearly state what your goal is each day and each week. 3. Announce your goal publicly: The more people you tell, the more you will be held to account. 4. Keep track and report your progress.   4.  The WholeLife Challenge Check out their website here: Many CrossFit gyms and MadLab gyms have embraced, and have had great success, with The WholeLife Challenge. Three things we like about the WLC: 1. TEAM ENVIRONMENT: The WholeLife Challenge can be turned into a team competition. Having teammates to lean on, who are going through the same thing as you are—as well as having support and people to hold you accountable—really resonates with many WholeLife Challengers, who have had great success improving their diet and body composition. 2. MORE THAN NUTRITION: When you sign up for the WLC, you will be asked to track not just your diet, but also things like your hydration, fitness, mobility and sleep. The idea is this challenge is meant to improve your entire lifestyle, not just your body composition. 3. VARIOUS LEVELS Not everyone is looking to follow the same diet, and not everyone is ready to eliminate everything all at once. The WLC offer various levels, so to speak, that allow you to choose how extreme you want to be with your changes. The next Whole Life Challenge begins September 17th.