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Whole Life Challenge is over!

As the Whole Life Challenge comes to an end, you may want to reflect on the lifestyle changes that you made over the last two months.  Write down how you feel about your nutrition, sleep, mind state, energy level, exercise regimen, etc.  For some people, realizing how they feel, look and perform after a strict lifestyle challenge is powerful enough to keep these changes long lasting.  I know this firsthand as I switched overnight from a vegetarian diet to a paleo diet and from running to crossfit and never looked back... Some of you are so excited to be done with the WLC and you may have been thinking about all the "bad" foods you want to indulge in!  Beware that you spent two months to detoxify your body and optimize your metabolism.  People often experience symptoms similar to a hangover when they go on a food binge and eat foods that are inflammatory, like dairy and gluten.  If you go all out and eat whatever you want, please make sure you also write down on how you feel: digestion, energy level, sleep quality, and exercise performance.  Then you can compare with how you felt while eating good foods and make good decisions for yourself! It's your life, your body...  and your decisions!  Whenever you are in doubt about what to eat, you can revisit the posts I wrote about several nutritional topics: carbs, fats, proteinssupplements, and sports supplements.  Of course, you can contact me at anytime for advice or if you have questions! Marie-Ève