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Whole Life Challenge Finals

Congratulations to everyone that took part in the Whole Life Challenge and tried there best to make healthy changes. The Whole Life Challenge finals brings us to the end of the official challenge and the start of the real challenge... Time for a little reflection:
  • What did you learn during the challenge?
  • What is realistic for you to maintain from the last 8 weeks?
  • Would you recommend this challenge for anyone?
WLC Finals Workout: Saturday, March 14th @ 10:30pm Measurements Workout  (same as prelim workout) Please note that your WLC membership will be ending at the end of this week and you will receive an email saying it is expiring. Remember this is not your regular membership, it is your WLC one. Would you like to share your results and thoughts on the challenge to help inspire others? If so, please email it to Thanks! Coach Dee