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Who loves lunges?

Nick Robinson got this shirt, thought it was pretty priceless! Today's workout is meant to be a lactic acid leg burner.  Please make sure to choose a weight that you are able to maintain stability and control in the lunges as you get fatigued.  This AMRAP is meant to been done at a slower, but consistent pace.  Focus on your breath to ensure that you are able to get the oxygen you need to the muscles to keep moving.  Balance and stability will start to decrease on the lunges first, so rest when needed to ensure that you are able to control the whole movement and not drop your knee to the ground on each step.  You will choose 2 dumbbells for the lunge and the front squat.  For both the movements, the DB's rest on top of your shoulders (high carry position).   If you have not done your widowmaker set this week, please show up early to class to warmup and complete it during the class led warmup and the tabata set.  After the widow maker, you will want to scale back the workout because your legs will be exhausted from the widowmaker set.  Last week to add a few more pounds on the widowmaker before we retest next week. Tips on scaling:
  • scale the weight
  • do body weight movements (lunges and squats)
  • Sub a core or upper body movement for one of the leg movements. Ask your coach for help!