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What is the scaling guide?

With the new programming there is a Scaling Guide to help you decide which zone to choose for the workout and course correct along the way if you scaled up or down too much. We include the scaling guide to show the intent/intensity of the workout with rounds or time for completion. While in the workout, if you scale too low, you will notice that you will be completed the workout in a shorter time or you will complete more rounds than intended. If you scale too high, the workout will run longer or the rounds will be a lot less than in the scaling guide. It may take a few weeks to really get this right, but when you do, you will notice increased results faster by pushing yourself harder or pulling yourself back and focusing on virtuous movement. Ask your coach to help you find the right scaling for your workouts, to maximize results! You will also notice a "scale up" option on some days! That is equivalent to our previous games prep category. Who should do the scale up category? Anyone who is regularly at RX and is completing the workouts faster or hitting more rounds than in the scaling guide. The scaling guide is an amazing Tool that Thrivesrty has added to their programming and I am very excited to see how it helps take each and everyone of you to the next level of your "game." Any questions, please ask me! ~ Coach Dee