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What is the context?

With our new programming you are going to see "CONTEXT" at the top. There are 3 different contexts - Practice, Competition and Mental toughness. Each context is a different mental approach. Here are some examples: Practice: 60% of the time and the default context. You can't treat every day like you are going to battle or competing or you will get hurt. That is when injuries happen and Crossfit becomes dangerous. The practice concept is an approach of mastery/virtuosity,' how can I do the movement better'? Focusing on efficiency and technique, not always heavier weight and faster. Competition: 30 % of the time. Set a goal, strategize and pace yourself for efficiency to get the best score/time.  Really "game" the workout! You could go head to head with someone to up the level of competition or challenge yourself against the scores on the whiteboard or a previous score of your own. Do what you gotta do, to get the best score/time possible. Mental Toughness: 10 % of the time. Choose movements that you are mechanically sound under high intensity, you don't pace and you just GO! Go for unbroken in the movements. This is a workout where you will hit the wall really fast. If you always come into the gym with a mental toughness approach, you will get burnt out. If you always come into the gym with a competition approach you will get hurt. But, if you always come in with a practice approach you are going to get bored and plateau. We want a perfect balance between the 3 and create a fun, exciting environment in the classes. Have fun! If you have any questions, ask me! ~ Coach Dee