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What if the service doesn't match the food

If you go to a restaurant and the food is good and the  service leaves something to be desired. Do you go back? My Husband and I were recently out for dinner at a local pub that has just recently been remodeled,  renamed, redone from top to bottom.  This may or may not be important.  We were greeted and seated immediately, menus came shortly thereafter, but then a lull happened.  Our drink order was taken, another lull. Our orders were taken and then a really long lull. We had to ask for the appy to be brought, instead, our dinner arrived, then the appy.  I must say the food was really tasty,  good sized portions, a flavourful fennel and apple slaw, tangy dill tartar sauce for the fish, which was cooked perfectly.  My hubby asked for a coffee, which was delivered fairly quickly, I was drinkless but was not offered or asked if I wanted anything.  So do I blame it on being new(ish) and go back another time, or write them off?  If the food is good does it matter that it took 2 hours for dinner.