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What do YOU want to do for Zone Adventures?

Hey everyone! Remember that time back in September when Vintage Mike had that great idea about Zone Adventures and then we did some fun, awesome events for 3 months?  It seems that the excitement has dropped, maybe from the holiday season craziness....  I would love to get this going again as it was so much fun to get out of the gym and try something new with the group.  There will be a clipboard up in the gym to sign up for a month.  I want YOUR help in coming up with something to do as a community and I will help you plan it :) It can be anything from going out to dinner to your fav restaurant, going to a movie, go ice skating, go rock climbing, go for a hike, a trip to the gymnastics gym.... your imagination is the limit!  It is as easy as you putting your name on the clipboard and us having a conversation of how to make this happen. Thank you for your continued help in keeping this community awesome! ~ Coach Dee