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What Do You Mean By "Prison Rules?"

Once in awhile the phrase "prison rules" pops up in our programming. Beyond sounding tough, what does it actually mean? What are prison rules? Prison rules means that you are working on cycle time between repetitions.  You will perform unbroken reps of the exercise listed.  Any of the reps that you perform from the ground will be touch and go reps.  Any of the reps from the shoulder will also be touch and go.  As soon as the bar touches your shoulders, you will press, or jerk it overhead.  We do this  to get you stringing reps together and not wasting time between reps.  Remember, form is still #1!  If you are not able to complete the repetition safely or efficiently, please drop the weight or  rest if needed.  How do you scale?  Err on the side of light, it is a lot harder than it looks.  If it seems easy at the beginning of the workout, you've got the right weight.