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Week Ahead

This week we are moving on to 2's! We will be approaching this week a little differently as we are changing into a different strength cycle next week. The goal of the week is to retest a couple 2 rep maxes of your choice without burning out. Talk to your coach to see which lifts you should hit. We will be moving into a back squat phase, so please ensure you test your 2 rep max so you have accurate percentages to work off of. Over the sets, you will be building closer to a daily 2RM. The way to approach the day:
  • 2-3 warmup sets working up to 70-80% of your 2RM
  • then building up to your previous 2RM by adding 5-10# at a time
  • hitting your previous 2RM by about the 5th set
  • 2-3 attempts to hit a new weight/pr
  • as the load increases, the rest time between sets increases
Testing Days:
  • Monday - front squat
  • Tuesday - bench press
  • Wednesday - deadlift
  • Thursday - shoulder press
  • Friday - back squat
  • Saturday
Come in early to mobilize, or get prepped the night before for the lift the next day! Let's see the PR board full at the end of the week!