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Week 5 of the Push Press

Hey Everyone!

We are coming to a close on the push press strength focus.  This is week 5 of 6 and that means some shorter workouts and a bit less volume. We are also testing people's front squats today to get a baseline for the next strength focus. If you can't make it in today, arrange with your Coach another day to do so.

For those of you that are missing the longer style metcons, you will be seeing them again in a week or two.  In the meantime take advantage of the skill practice warm ups to get more 'cardio' in!  The shorter the workout, the longer the warmup should be, so doing 2-3 'half' rounds at a steady pace before a workout starts will turn that 7 minute metcon into 10+ easily!  There is also the cash outs on those shorter days.

Happy Lifting!