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Week 3 - Squat Cleans

Week three of squat cleans and strict handstand push-ups. We are moving into 70-80% of the cleans for the week. Keep working on hitting full hop extension and your speed of getting under the bar into a full squat. Remember as you are pulling yourself under the bar, to keep tension throughout the body. How do I increase my strength on handstand push-ups in the cycle?
  1. Work on hitting full range of motion on the pushup, head to floor. If you always go to abmats and not full depth, it will be challenging to increase the strength in the full range. Start with a pike on the floor, then move to the box on your knees, then move to toes on the box and lastly up against the wall.
  2. Every week, try to challenge yourself a little bit more with the lower reps. Moving from knees to toes on the box or taking away an Abmat.
  3. Do as many sets as you can at the more challenging progression. When you fatigue, drop back a progression.
  4. If you like to do handstand push-ups up against the wall and you are not going head to floor, alternate using abmats against the wall and going full range of motion on the box.
  5. Can you do head to floor easily? Try deficit handstand push-ups by using parallettes or popping plates under your hands.
Have fun! ******************************************* Only 9:30am and 5:30pm class today!