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Week 3 of Front box squats

Hey Zoners, this is week 3 of the front box squat strength cycle.  We will be hitting up the front box squat on Monday and Friday and increasing the weight by 5%.  The focus of the week is work on getting lower in the squat if you are not sitting on a box below parallel. To get lower in the squat, it may take working on mobility to open up the hips, keeping the core more engaged and motor control.  Chat with your Coach to make sure you are getting the most out of your squats. Remember to keep your feet in the same place, and not go wider to get more depth in the squat. If you can't make it in on Monday and Friday, be sure to get the squats in on another day to maximize your results. Happy Squatting! Here is the instructional video if you missed it two weeks ago: