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Have you tested your ring dips?

Photo - May 2013 "We miss you Brandon and Kyla!" There are some missing scores on the ring dips from the skill of the month(s).  Please make sure to retest your max set before the end of the week so I can analyze the scores and get them out to you. Thanks! Coaches Notes:
  • Row at 80-85% of your best 1000M row.  You want to save your hamstrings for the deadlifts.  Use a loose grip on the handle to save it for pullups and deadlifts.
  • Break your ring dips up into sets that will not let you go to failure.  Choose  a rep scheme that is in sets of 40-50% of your max ring dips tested recently.  This will allow you to recover enough before doing the next set.
  • Break your pullups up just like the ring dips.
  • In the deadlift, focus on strict form especially when your heart rate is elevated and muscles are fatigued.  Try to use a regular or hook grip as long as possible.  If you notice you are losing your upper back tension because your grip is fatiguing, take a rest.
  • This is meant to be a quick workout, so choose scaling options to allow you to finish in 15 minutes.  If you are resting too much between sets, scale further.  For example, resting longer than a quick shake out.