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We Want You!

WE WANT YOU!!! Olympic Lifting Competition November 29th 11am – 3pm
  • 80's Body Builder Dress up theme
  • This is a fun competition where everyone is welcome. Come and have some fun lift some weights and look awesome while doing so.
  • We will use the Sinclair coefficient to determine the winner (takes in to account your bodyweight)
  • 3 snatches attempts and 3 clean and jerk attempts per lifter
  • Full lock out is required to be considered a good lift.
  • All lifts are accepted (Power, full) lock out is what is important.
  • Awards for male and female:
  • Best lifter based on Sinclair
  • Best lifter based on effort
  • Best lifter based on outfit
This is the place where the jerry curl is so wrong it is right! Tiger print is always accepted!