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We got our First Seal

Being part of a MadLab facility will provide you with the best experience to start your journey to living a great life. All our member facilities have the same philosophy and business model, so if you ever visit another MadLab gym, you will receive the same treatment as your home gym. All of our facilities have a ranking scale: 1st Seal, 2ndSeal or 3rd Seal. We have our 1st Seal and are half way to our 2nd Seal. This quality control ranking method ensures each facility has achieved certain requirements in order to become a MadLab facility. Here is an of example requirements MadLab facilities must have in place to reach the first level—best practices that help all parties involved (the client, the coach and the business). 1ST SEAL
  • Coach Development Program
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • 10-20 personal training sessions before group classes
  • Graduation to group classes based on performance and knowledge benchmarks