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We are a Madlab gym!

What being a MadLab Group member means to you—our Member. If you have been coming here for a while, you've probably heard that we're part of the MadLab Group ( But what exactly is the MadLab Group? And how does it affect you? The MadLab Group is a worldwide network of gyms, who have worked together to figure out best practices. In other words, to figure out how to run a gym that best maximizes success for the members, the coaches and the business. 5 MadLab Group Features that Pertain to YOU—the Member 1. Worldwide Network of Gyms If you travel—for work or pleasure—there are MadLab gym's all around the world. (Stay tuned for a map of all 180-plus MadLab facilities coming soon). When you show up at a MadLab gym in another city and tell them where you're from, not only will you have the piece of mind that you're in good hands, you'll get the royal treatment from the MadLab family. the clients, the coaches and the business. Stay tuned this week for the next 4 great features!