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Want to improve your overhead squat mobility?

  Next time you are in, ask your Coach to analyze your overhead squats to see what areas need to be mobilized and strengthened. We have put together some mobility program templates based on the common overhead squat faults.  If you want improvement in your mobility and strength, I recommend picking up a routine and getting started right away.  Consistency is key to get the results you want. Here is how it works:
  1. Have your overhead squat analyzed by your Coach
  2. What is happening in your overhead squat - Shoulder shrug fault?  Unstable shoulder fault? Chest forward fault?
  3. Your Coach will give you a routine based on the fault and what is causing the fault.  For example -Chest forward fault might be caused by tight hip flexors and weak glutes
  4. Review the exercises and make notes - make sure you understand what the exercises are
  5. Mobilize 10-15 min daily!