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Wall Ball results

My apologies for the late post about the Wall Ball Skill of the Month.  Not everyone retested their Wall balls, so this is not an accurate result. Westshore: Most reps Female – Louise with 42 reps Most Improved Female – Most reps Male – Bill with 67 reps Most Improved Male –  Todd with 18 reps Average increase – 7.25 reps Downtown: Most reps Female – Lindsay VG with 50 reps Most Improved Female - Jill VG with 12 reps Most reps Male– Chris Carr and Spencer with 52 reps Most Improved Male –Pelt with 15 reps Average increase – 5.7 reps Take a look back to March 17th when we did this BB complex last.  I would like you to choose a weight that is heavier then the last time you did this workout.  The focus today is less rounds, and quality reps with a heavier weight.  For those competing at Regionals, I want you to go as heavy as possible while maintaining safe movement.  If you are unsure of what weight to use, ask your Coach. Join Kailie for Yoga tonight at 7:35pm!