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We're switching things up this cycle: instead of entering another straight ahead 5/3/2 progression, we're going to use what is called "undulating periodization." More specifically, we're going to use a form of daily undulating periodization. What the heck does that mean? Let's look at squats: we will be squatting two times a week on this cycle (one early in the week, then again later in the week). One day will be fairly light, with lots of volume (aka many reps). The second day will be much heavier, with a focus on intensity (fewer reps). Don't worry if you can't make both days, you won't lose every GAIN. If you are able to make both days, you will get a more robust experience this training cycle, but again, if you only make one squat, press, or pulling day this cycle, you will still make progress. If you've got some extra time, check out this article by Greg Nuckols on the subject: THERE IS ONLY ONE TYPE OF PERIODIZATION It's on the long side, but well worth the read in takeaway knowledge.