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Overhead Squat - tip 3

Chest Forward Fault If your chest drifts forward – your shoulders will unlock so that you can maintain balance overhead. This is an untenable position. Motor control fix: Create torque early and maintain that force through range. Stabilize shoulder in a good position by locking out your arms, creating torque on the bar, and getting armpits forward. Mobilization Target Areas: Anterior chain (hips and quads) Posterior high chain (glutes) Medial chain (adductor) Posterior low chain (hamstrings) Calf and heel cord What are do you need to target for mobilization?  I posted this video on the last tip,  it is a good way to assess if it is the upper half or lower half of your body that is causing the forward chest.  Check in with your coach to asses which area of mobilization you should target first. Coaches Notes:
  • This is a good workout to allow you to push hard for 3mins as you have enough time to recover for your next round.
  • You might be surprised that there is potential for you to complete more rounds in the 15mins of work compared to regular "Cindy" because you are forced to rest.
  • This is be an eye opener for the next time you do "Cindy" as you will know how to be pace yourself, as opposed to giving it all you got in the first 8-10mins.
  • Practice perfect form on your pull up, thumb around bar to create torque in the shoulders, and maintaining core stability.
  • For the push ups your legs stomach and shoulders must leave from the ground at the same time. Core tight!
  • Make sure to hit full hip, knee, and ankle extension at the top for every rep. Be careful not to over extend in the back resulting in knee flexion.