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From the Whole Life Challenge blog: "Regret is for the things we didn't do, remorse is for the things we did." - Zagism If you have ever thought that maybe you could do this whole Holiday thing better, then the first step in actually doing better is to find a piece of paper, and write down five things you would like to be different this holiday season (if you keep notes on your phone, that will work too). When you're done, put the piece of paper in your wallet, or your bag, and remind yourself to look at it as often as you need to. Just the act of noticing that you want something to change often times creates the change. Shameless plug for the Whole Life Challenge. If you find that the Christmas Presence tips helped you change some things about how your Holiday season turned out, why not try the New Years Whole Life Challenge, and shoot for some whole life changes? To watch learn more: To join our team: Our Team's name: Team Zone