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What is a Z press?

A variation on the shoulder press, this seated movement will really test your core strength, mobility and spinal positioning.  Since we don't do this movement much you probably won't have relevant numbers for it, so for this workout feel free to add weight as you go through the sets. T nation has an excellent article here that I encourage all of you to read Key take aways: Proper Form
  • Maintain an upright posture. Don't slouch.
  • Attempt to sit on your hamstrings to make the low back stay tight.
  • Perform the movement like a standard overhead press in terms of bar path. Press the bar over the spine.
  • Keep the heels and backs of the knees glued to the floor. Try not to move them.

Improper Form

  • Don't attempt to sit on your butt. It'll translate to a round back and an injurious pressing position.
  • Don't lean back during tough reps. If you can't stay straight as an arrow, your set is done.
  • Don't start with the barbell on the floor. Set up the pins in the squat rack a couple of inches below shoulder level or use some boxes.