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Why do we depth jump?

Stealing most of this from Breaking Muscle ( Quick summary
  • The depth jump is performed when an athlete drops off a box, lands briefly absorbing the shock, and then immediately jumps as high as possible. The landing period is usually less than 0.2 seconds.
  • In the short term, the depth jump leads to a higher jump than a static high jump because the athlete is absorbing momentum and kinetic energy and using it on the subsequent jump
  • The effects of depth jumps are not only short term as they lead to greater strength changes and more explosiveness. It was found that highly trained volleyball players undertaking a depth jump program gained 14% in their maximal strength.
So are you going to see a 14% increase too? Probably not but it is important to expand the type of training you do and adding these or other plyo-type movements (interestingly fast KB swings were found to have similar results) will only add to your performance