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Great Sott!

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you..... I'm pretty sure that is a meme somewhere, it's kinda stupid but also has some truth to it. Today will be a challenging day. So challenging that some of you may not be able to do it. This isn't a bad thing but it will be something to work towards. We have two very demanding movements in the WOD, the db kb overhead squat and the Sotts press. Both of these require fantastic strength and flexibility in your shoulders and upper back, as well as a very solid squat foundation. It is very important the you warm up extensively before attempting these movements and work with the coach to find out what your limitations are and how you can modify the movement if you aren't able to perform the full range of motion without compromising that good positioning. For some of you a full squat may not be possible. That's fine, we work towards things until we can do them. For others a sotts press may simply be too demanding, if that is the case, perform what you can at one weight and maybe even switch to a PVC pipe in the bottom. Everyone will have their own sticking points and the goal for this one is to find them, identify them and work to remove them Don't get frustrated, enjoy the process and have fun ;)