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Open sign up starts today!

So today is the first sign up day of the 2016 Crossfit Open and with that comes our announcement that we will be again running our own internal Open competition!  Just like last year, everyone will be divided up amongst teams and will compete for glory and recognition in a fun and supportive environment. One change to this year will be that you do not have to sign up for the open in order to compete on a team (however there will be less opportunity to gain points this way), this will allow those who are on the fence or nervous about actually signing up a chance to dip their toe in so to speak and get a taste of the competition without diving all the way in.  I learned a lot from running it last year and I'll be making a few tweaks here and there to make things even better for this year.  Watch for more details soon. In the meantime sign up! or if you are on the fence, let me know and I'll put you on the list.  First workout starts end of Feb! Sean