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He we go folks, the most classic of classics, Fran!  Couple of keys to this workout, 1. sweat before you sweat.  You can't go into this cold!  Make sure you are really warmed up and heart rate is up before you even start this or you will simply spike and die.  2. Have a plan, seriously, plan it and stick to it.  If you think you can go unbroken then go for it but for most people, some kind of rep scheme is advisable.  Remember this is designed to be a go hard and fast workout, not a 20 min grinder so please make sure you talk to your coach if scaling is a concern so that you get the most out of it.  For the squats, look to add about 10% or so form the last mini cycle, more if the last set of 3's felt easy.  We aren't maxing out but should by now have enough weight on there that you are wondering how that next set of 3's is going to feel  ;)