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Throw Some 45's

Welcome back kidz! It's your Uncle Ray aka Young Blizadez, we took a week off but we back at it. Bringing you these essential hip-hop beats to get your swoll sessions fueled and turn't to the max. This week we have Rich Boy on deck! Maurice Richards aka Rich Boy is a "one" hit wonder, not entirely the case, but everyone and their momma has heard his hit "Throw Some D's". Rich Boy has a long list of mixtapes out there, and has been featured on tracks by some big hitters such as Drake. I'm sure this track will bring back some nostalgic memories, this one brings me back to year 2007 every time I give it a listen. So here we go y'all, turn this one all the way up to 11 and throw some D's on that bar.. If ya know whats good for ya! INCREASE THE PEACE AND INCREASE THE WEIGHTS! [yframe url='']