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The Week Ahead

You may have noticed that things are getting pret-ty intense around here. The CrossFit Open is just around the corner, and that means VOLUME, INTENSITY, and MORE VOLUME & INTENSITY!! So that means SCALE and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If there is movement dysfunction (AKA if your body is moving or compensating in a way it should not or is damaging), reducing the weight and continuing to do lots of reps is only going to reinforce that movement dysfunction. Analyze your movement, take video, progressively add weight, volume, and LASTLY intensity, and see where movement breaks down. If you do not have the ability to tear apart your movement patterns, holler at one of our wonderful, beautiful, charming coaches. It's LITERALLY their job. Lots of high volume squatting and pressing this week. Those are the prime offenders of knee and shoulder pain. The workouts are getting tougher, but don't crush yourself already - save it for COMPETITION! Scale, be smart, and take your time.