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The Week Ahead

The volume and intensity keep climbing as we edge closer to the CrossFit Open. Make sure you're investing time in your recovery through increased sleep, water intake, mobility work, and quality food consumption. There's a fair amount of dumbbell work this week to help work on side-to-side asymmetries, so pay attention to strength discrepancies. If one side is weaker, limit weight to something doable on your weak side. Though most WOD times are still short, the rep count within the workouts are going up. Again, this is time to scale appropriately and STRATEGIZE. Don't try to blast through 30 straight DB push presses - break rep counts up in to small, doable chunks. Make things easy on yourself, these workouts are hard enough as is. Muscle ups and muscle up skill work show up several times this week. Don't rush to kip, continue to develop the skills necessary to perform a CLEAN muscle up and pay attention to the details that might be holding you back. Remember, your coach is there to help you figure out these small things that might be holding you back big time. Schedule some time with them and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!!