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The Week Ahead

There will be an increase in the frequency and intensity of Olympic weightlifting as we draw closer to the CrossFit Open, particularly in density training (higher repetition and shorter rest duration). Expect to see more OTM and everyone's favorite "Prison Rules." There will also be more high skill gymnastics movements like C2Bs, muscle ups, and HSPUs. If you're close to hitting these movements RX, focus on skill development and lower reps (versus choosing an easy scaling to knock out a bunch of reps and finish fast). There is a wide variety of WOD styles in this week's programming, and take advantage of this exposure to learn to strategize. Don't go in to every workout with the plan to go as hard as you can for as long as you can - that's a recipe for failure. Create a plan when going in to the WOD, then review the successes and failures after completing it, and apply that to the next WOD that is similar. The CrossFit Open is just under two months away. If you're thinking of competing, you still have time to get stronger and hone your technique. Use the next seven weeks to become confident and fluid in your form, especially in the Olympic lifts and gymnastics maneuvers.