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The Week Ahead

This week should be a fun one. Back on another 5/3/2 strength cycle, still working with the same weight across sets with the final set an AMRAP (As Many As Possible). Let your reps on the final set dictate your weight jump for the next week. For example, if the intended number of reps is 5 and you get less than 5, stay at the same weight or go down for the next week. If you get 5-8, add 10-15%. If you get 8 or more, 15-20%. You'll also see some Olympic weightlifting start to creep in to the strength work. Treat this as technique work (as you should always with strength work). Don't compromise technique just to move more weight. Keep the rep count across for all sets for weightlifting - DO NOT DO AN AMRAP ON THE LAST SET. And yes, today's programming does have deadlifts in the strength and in the WOD. Channel your inner Lucas Parker and make every rep look exactly the same. If you need to scale the weight to make that happen, scale the weight. It's intended to be a light deadlift anyway.