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The Week Ahead

We're back to the old 5/3/2 strength cycle following the CF Open, but with a twist: instead of progressive sets, you will do a few warm-up sets working up to a working weight, which you will do for all five working sets. If you're feeling spicy or if the weight is moving quickly, your final set will be an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). If you get less than the intended number of reps that week (5, 3, or 2), something's wrong and you should go down in weight next week. If you get the number of reps, go up 5% the next week. If you get 3-5 additional reps over the number (5, 3, or 2), go up 10%. If you really kill it and get 6 or more ADDITIONAL reps over the intended number, go up 15%. tl;dr - use the last set as a test to determine if you should go up a lot or a little the next week.