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Thank you!

I want to offer my most heartfelt thank you to all of those who came to the First Aid for Gulu fundraiser and to all of the members who have supported this campaign. Today we raised $1370! Truly amazing. I will document where the money is going and how the project is progressing to keep all of the donors in the loop. This was the very definition of a team effort.

~ Jill Van Gyn

Coaches Notes:
  • Focus on grip, use hook grip when possible, tape hands if you think you might tear. Grind callouses.
  • Pick a rep scheme and stick with it, 5-10 to save your grip strength.
  • Keep your core tight when picking up the bar and try and drop back to hook grip when returning to the hang position.
  • Don't go to failure, listen to your body, your grip will be the first to go.