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Strength training protocol

We are back on the strength cycle for the next 3 weeks! We will cycle through 5 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps and then a rest week from lifting.  To get the most out of the strength routine it is recommended that you lift heavy on all of your sets. Starting your first set at 70-75% of 1RM.  Every set add 5-10lbs in total.  We are looking at making small incremental changes over the next months to come.  Small increments will make sure that all the ligaments and connective tissues get stronger and can keep up with your muscular strength to prevent injury. The goal each week is to lift a little heavier on the last set or match what you did previously.  Baby PR! Coaches Notes:
  • On the strength, add 5-10lbs from the last time we did 5 reps.
  • Take the row at about 75-85% or your max 1km row.  You don't want to exhaust the legs before the thrusters
  • The thrusters will be a little more challenging that expected after the row.  Think about how they feel after doing the benchmark workout Jackie, except heavier!
  • Break the thrusters up into smaller sets with short breaks to maintain efficiency. Choose a thruster weight that allows you to complete it in the 17 min time cap.
  • When you go out for the run, the legs will feel like lead and the hill will be challenging.  Breathe and grind through the hill and recover on the downhill.  The second lap should be a little easier.