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Snowy days!

Few tips to help you through todays work.  For the pause power clean, really make sure your lats are activated and you are strong through the back. We don't want to lose that strong start position while in the pause and end up just hanging out waiting for it to end.  For the wod, feel free to break up the cleans into singles if needed and if you are are going to link them together make sure you stay tight and engaged as the bar taps the ground in between each rep, if you can't do that you are better off dropping the weight each time and not wasting energy lowering it back to the ground. Split the thrusters up into small sets or unbroken and make sure the dumbbells rest on your shoulders so your legs do the work.   Snow Update:  Even though it has felt like more like a harsh Spring rather than Winter up to this point, the weather reports are threatening us with more potential for snow! To prevent the inevitable confusion that often happens when our Zoners wake up to snow, we have decided to post some general Snow Day Guidelines regarding our class schedule in case we suddenly find ourselves in a Winter Wonderland. Stay tuned to the daily weather forecasts. If there is a forecast for snow overnight, we will post about it on our website in the evening. If you plan on attending a 6:00 a.m. class the following day, PLEASE check the website in the morning before you leave the house!!! If we have deemed that the roads are snowy enough at that time between the Coach's house and the gym that driving isn't safe, we will likely make a closure for that class. This does NOT mean that all classes are cancelled for that day. We will re-evaluate on an hourly basis, and continue posting updates on our website regarding any further class cancellations. The bottom line is, it is important that everyone CHECK THE WEBSITE BEFORE COMING TO CLASS to see if we are open. Thanks for your understanding, and for staying tuned to our website!