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Skill of the Month Results

I have tallied up the scores from the Max pullups in 2 minutes skill of the month.  Unfortunately a lot of the downtown numbers have been wiped off, so I am not able to get a true reading of the most improved.  But based on what I could read, here are the results.... Westshore: Most reps Female – Louise with 39 reps Most Improved Female – Sandy by 6 reps Most reps Male – Fraser by 15 reps Most Improved Male – Fred with 45 reps Average increase – 7.1 reps Downtown: Most reps Female – Maddie with 24 reps, Emily with 27 reps (ctb) Most Improved Female -  Kirsty with 6 reps Most reps Male– Jon with 59 reps, Gord with 46 reps (ctb) Most Improved Male – Lil Salty (Steve) with 11 reps Average increase – 3.9 reps Looks like the cup is headed back out to the Westshore!  Congratulations :)