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The Seven

Happy Saturday Zoners! The Seven workout is a long grinder.  Who is excited? This workout consists of 7 rounds of 7 exercises, and 7 reps of each.  The average time to finish this workout, if scaled appropriately is 30-35 minutes.  With this being a high volume and long duration workout, I have made it into a partner workout.  Grab a partner and break up all of the reps as you choose. Please show up early to do your mobility so you are prepped for the class before it starts.  Coaches will take you through the warmup and allow for 10 minutes max to set up the weights needed.  The weights are heavy, so I highly recommend that you choose weights/scaling options that are not near your one rep max and that you are able to string 7 reps together. Depending on the size of the class, you may only have one barbell, so be prepared to change the weights between your thruster and deadlift weights.  There will be a 40 minute time cap placed on the workout. Have fun!