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SEAN BRUCE, Class Leader


Class Leader

Prior to coming to the Zone, Sean primarily participated in recreational sports and competed in the occasional triathlon. He considered himself to be in good shape and, like so many other athletes, thought that long distance races, like Ironman and triathlon, produced the fittest athletes (this assumption was about to change). His wife introduced him to Crossfit/Functional Fitness and he soon realized that there is more to being in shape than long distance cardio. In fact, the completion of his first Crossfit workout , Sean came to the quick realization that Crossfit was a sport and lifestyle he wanted to peruse. Since then he has worked hard to become part of the  Zone team coaching Classes and Gymnastics.


For Sean, the most enjoyable aspect of  The Zone is being a part of the amazing community that embraces such an amazing lifestyle. The most rewarding part  is watching people push themselves to their limit, go beyond their goals, and achieve past that which they can imagine.


Crossfit Level 1 Instructor

Crossfit Gymnastics Coach

Specialty Course in Kettlebells and Olympic lifting