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Quick reminder: We have somewhere around 120 members at CFZ at any given time. Each of these members has different needs, goals, and scheduling. When we program classes, we try to make things accessible to everyone, whether they come twice a week or six times a week. That means we might run two hard workouts back to back, or schedule a deload week the week you get back after a three month holiday in Tahiti. So if you're not able to make it on Friday and do the CF Total, treat this week like any other. If you're hoping to set a few "PRs," take it easy this week so you can be sufficiently recovered for Friday. You are the captain of the ship of your body. Make sure you are making choices that benefit you and your performance. If that means scale a workout so you can perform better another day, then do it. There will be hard workouts this week as usual. Consider scaling to perform better on Friday, if that is a concern for you. <3