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Save the date... June 22nd

Please come and join us on Sunday, June 22nd from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the Pembroke location for a Live Community event in the box and the parking lot. Live Concert by the Carlines (91.3 Zone band of the month for May) BBQ - Food provided by Fairway Market Draws to win 1-2 months free membership (members only) LOOK LIKE A ROCKSTAR Vic42 Makeover & Photoshoot for you (and up to four friends)!   Invite your friends and family to this fun summer soiree.  More details on event, draws and RSVP details to come.   Sponsored by The ZONE 91.3FM, Crossfit Zone, Academy Dental, LAB Salon, & Al Smith Photography HOSTED by Coaches Notes:
  • To ensure you complete this in the time cap, try to string together 5-6 reps at a time with minimal rest.
  • Always remember form over speed, if you notice your form degrading, take a rest and reset.
  • On sumo dead lift high pull try to think of the movement as two separate movements, on the way down. Stop at the hang to set your back for the next rep.
  • If comfortable with your push press start your second dip as your bringing the bar back to your front rack position, to maximize efficiency.