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Accessory Work

"The goal is to keep the goal the goal." -Dan John What is your goal? What's your reason that brings you back to the gym day after day? To become healthier? Stronger? Faster? A better athlete? Or is it to be the best face-puller in the gym? Fastest WOD'er? Hip-thruster extraordinaire? The movements we do in the gym are intended to improve your performance and quality of life. They are, by definition, supplementary. So while we recommend that you push yourself within safe limits, at the end of the day, follow Mr. John's advice: keep the goal the goal. A bigger squat or deadlift is nice, and a decent goal. Do what you need to to get stronger, but remember: it's not how much weight you can move in an accessory movement, or how fast you can finish a WOD. Your goal is the goal, and do what you need to do to get better at that.