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Satruday Team WOD

Today's workout is a partner version of the Hero WOD McGhee.  Grad two new friends to throw-down with.  In this workout, the 5 deadlifts set the pace at each station.  The deadlifts are meant to be heavy.  You most likely will not be able to go unbroken with the all 5 reps for the whole workout.  Choose a weight that you are able to maintain proper and safe technique, but at the same time challenging.  While the first partner is doing deadlifts, the next partner is accumulating as many pushups and the third partner is doing box jumps.  The time at each station is fast, so you should be able to keep moving and do unbroken reps at the pushups and box jumps.  Think of it as a sprint on each of the exercises.  Your rest time is switching stations.