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Ring Dip results

Westshore: Most reps Female – Chuckie with 20 reps Most Improved Female – Most reps Male – Bill with 30 reps Most Improved Male – Todd with 8 reps scaled, Bill and Paul with 5 reps RX Average increase – 4.1 reps Downtown: Most reps Female – Laura 32 scaled, Cheri 13 RX Most Improved Female -  Laura with 12 reps and Cheri with 9 reps Most reps Male– Phil 26 Most Improved Male – Taylor 10 reps scaled, Deane and Allon 9 reps RX Average increase – 5.1 reps Looks like the cup is headed downtown!  Congratulations everyone! Coaches Notes:
  • There is no strength component today, so put everything you have into this workout.
  • In the prone to sprint warm up, try a variation of a burpee up from the ground to prepare yourself for the WOD.
  • Take an easy pace on the run, after the burpees the hill will be hard.
  • Keep moving through the burpees, you may even be able to push harder than you think after the warmup prep.
  • On the pull ups don't go to failure, break up your reps to suit your needs.
  • Tape or prep your hands if needed for the WOD.
  • There will be plenty of time available at the end of class to do the programmed mobility