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Renos at the Zone

Hey team! Please bare with us, the Zone is in the middle of renovations soon.  We are working on having the storage space all finished by the end of this week which will open up the gym with lots of space as we intended.  There will be painting and organizing ongoing for the rest of the month.  Thank you for being patient as we slowly work through this.  The outcome will look amazing :) Thanks! CrossFit Zone Team Workout notes: Today you have an opportunity to do your widow maker set for the week.  If you are not able to make it in today, make sure to sub it another day this week when we are lifting.  To improve on the widow maker, add 5-10lbs to your weight from last week depending on how the weight felt.  Remember that the widow maker set should take approximately 2 minutes to work through the set.  If you are able to go through all reps with no break, you have gone too light.  The weight should be near your 10 rep max not your 20 rep max. For the barbell WOD for the day, you are allowed to have one barbell, so you must choose a weight that you can do both exercises with.  Please choose a weight that you are able to do at least the first round of 21/12 reps of each exercise unbroken.  The weight is not meant to be heavy, so choose a weight that is no more than 60% of your 1 rep max of your weakest lift.  This workout should be completed in less than 20 minutes.