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Reminder - No ONE wants your COOTIES!

Sooooo we have been finding crusty blood on equipment lately…. EWWWWW!!!! Barbells and pull-up bars. Please take responsibility for cleaning up your own equipment. Please remember that someone else will be using your bar, mat or band after you. Do you want to have someone else's cooties on the equipment you use? It is coming into flu session as well and let's keep the germs out of the gym as much as possible. How do I clean equipment? Barbells – use the wire brush to get rid of the chalk. If you bled on the bar, please spray cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the bar. Please DO NOT spray the barbells, too much moisture causes them to rust. Mats – use the cleaner and cloth to wipe off ab mats and yoga mats when you sweat all over them. Remember when you are kneeling on the mats for couch stretch or doing handstand pushups, you may still have left sweat on them. Bands – when you do pullups or use the bands to stretch and leave them wet, please wipe them off. Pullup bars, KB's & DB's – please clean at your own discretion. Ergs – Please wipe of the handle, the seat, the display and slide with cleaner. Coaches will be handing out penalties of their choice for those that don't clean the equipment and put it away. Once you have cleaned any blood off equipment, please put the cloth in the laundry (ask your coach where it is). Thank you for your cooperation Zone Team