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Remembering the Why!

Lately I've been asking many of you why, with the endless options out there, do you keep coming back, day after day, week after week. The most obvious answer I hear is fitness. Yep, there is little doubt left that CrossFit builds some of the fittest people on the planet. It's also painfully efficient at showing us all the stuff we still need to work on! The second most common answer I hear is about all the great people involved. I've set foot in more than a couple CrossFit boxes, and no matter where I go, or how fit I may or may not be at the time, I am always welcomed with open arms and usually a few cheeky comments before the first day is done. I wouldn't have it any other way. From these answers and a mix of many others, I have come to one simple conclusion. We all just want to feel better. Maybe it's through smashing down our own personal barriers, or maybe it's the cheers and high fives after a grueling workout, but whatever your reason for walking through those doors again and again, being a part of this hardcore, eclectic community we call CrossFit Zone is about so much more than just a workout. As a brand new apprentice coach, I feel honored to be counted as part of the team, and although I have a lot to learn and work on, I know I have the support of a whole community of people who want to step up and be better than they were yesterday. That's what keeps me coming back. But what are we getting fit for? Getting better at CrossFit is one thing but I'm talking about life outside the box. As my overall fitness started to increase, I found more and more energy and desire to use that fitness to explore this playground we call a planet. Although, I could definitely be bigger, faster, stronger etc. I now have the confidence to tackle pretty much any sport or activity and know I will be able to handle myself and keep coming back for more. For me, training for life means playing the long game. It means putting in the work week after week so that I can continue to do plenty of cool $#!T well into my 90's, hopefully. It means living a life of possibility rather than limitation. In a world where so much is beyond my control, making the choice to be truly fit means that I can squeeze as much life as possible out of the unknowable time I have left to live it. What you you getting fit for? ~ Coach Garrett